Tasting Event for 2/20/09

Brora 30yr 2008 release 56.4%

Nose: Peat, smoky malt, iodine, fruity notes. Beautiful

Palate: Slightly sweet, tobacco, oily, big warming hit.

Finish: Long and warming, peaty, with a bit of salt on the tail.


Bruichladdich Golder Still

Nose: Oaky, bourbon, not too complex

Palate: Big hit of spice, dried fruit, vanilla

Finish: Peppery, long

Highland Park 30yr 48%

Nose: Great deep burnt orange color. Brown spice, tar, tobacco, toffee, anise. Very complex

Palate: Robust, rich, roasted nuts, toffee, dried fruit.

Finish: dried fruit, peppery, everlasting. WOW!!!

Port Charlotte PC7

Nose: Sweet peat

Palate: Peat, and peat again.

Finish: Pow, (did I say peat again?)

For “Peat’s Sakes”

Lagavulin 1991 Distillers Edition 43%

Only comment is that it has an extra sweetness, but the the smoke or complexity of the 16yr. A bit thin overall comparatively.

Caol Ila 1995 Distillers Edition 43%

Finished in Moscatel casks.

Nose: Not the typical peat explosion

Palate: Peat, bit sea salt

Finish: Warming and medium

Dalwhinnie 1973 29yr 57.8%

Nose: Fruity, honeyed, hints of oak, vanilla

Palate: Spicy, oak tannins, fruitiness

Finish: Medium, warming, refreshing, spice on the tail.


Beer List for 2/20

Another great evening of single malt, beer, food and friends..

De Glazen Toren “Canaster” (Belgium) 9.5%

Head: Medium

Nose: Typical malt

Palate: Dried fruit, hops

Finish: Slight sweetness, short

Port Brewing “Santa’s Little Helper”  Imperial Stout (California) 10%

Head: Little to none, thick pour, syrupy

Nose: Burnt malt, dark chocolate, hint rasberry

Palate: Chocolate, fruity

Finish: Short, malty

Quite a surprise to the complexity but rather thin for an imperial stout

High & Mighty Beer Co “Home for the Holidays” Brown Ale (Massachusetts) 7%

Head: Short

Nose: Light, malt

Palate: Round, bit molasses

Finish: Crisp

Dogfish Head “Theobroma” Ale brewed with natural flavors of honey,cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, ancho chilies, and ground annatto

Head: Medium

Nose: Light, citrus

Palate: Lemon, orange, bit spice

Finish: Short

Pennsylvania Brewing Co “Penndemonium” Bock Beer (Pennsylvania), % rating not stated

Head: No

Nose: Not friendly, green hops

Palate: Slight bitterness, hop

Finish: Thin and relatively non-existent

St Sebastiaan “Dark Ale” (Belgium) Dark top-fermented abbey ale brewed according to the purity law of 1516. % rating not stated

Head: Medium

Nose: Sour citrus, sour dough bread

Palate: Slightly sweet though, lightly malty

Finish: Short, thin

Not what you would expect from a true Belgium ale, not very robust

Here was the line-up of single malt for the evening. We did get through 7.

After having the Brora for about a month, and tempted many times to open it, finally here it is being poured. What a gem! (the whiskey - not me)

A close-up. Makes your mouth water!

Wishing all of you were here! Slainte from Bill, Kevin, Tom, Chris, Doug, Matt (first timer!!!!), and Deb

Here is the final list for 2/20/09. We had a selection of 10 and tasted 7 (yes, I know, we’ll just have to taste a few of the later ones again - life is tough!) and 6 brews as listed below. Photos to come along soon.