Tasting Event 4/24/09

Rosebank 12yr 43% (Flora & Fauna)

Nose: Floral, light, a bit winey

Palate: Crisp chardonnay, refreshing, little dry

Finish: Medium long, spicy

A great example of a Lowland Malt. Classic clean taste for a warm summer afternoon.

Balvenie 1993 Portwood nas 40% abv

Nose: Oak, bit of fruit, sherry

Palate: Light port, winey, honeyed

Finish: Short, oak tannins, vanilla, little peppered

Hard pressed to get the ‘Port” out of this one. A very nice Balvenie for the price though.

Glenmorangie Astar nas 57.1% abv - Little sister to the Glenmorangie Artisan Cask

Nose: Very complex nose with citrus, peppery, smokey vanilla, candied fruit

Palate: Big hit, spicy and peppery with the bourbon coming through. Good and chewy as well. Water opens it up a bit but still spicy.

Finish: Long and satisfying. Very spicy.

Talisker 57’ North nas 57% abv

As we had the following malts a little late in the evening I thought it best to give them all a taste again, just to be sure. A tough job but someone’s gotta do it.

Nose: Spicy fruit, smoke, bit sulphur

Palate: Robust, warming, intense fruitiness, smoky spice, pepper notes. Water encourages the peat & sweetnees

Finish: Long, light smoke, peppery

Antiquary 21yr 43% abv (Blend)
One of the Top 10 Malts for 2008

Nose: Vanilla, citrus

Palate: Wonderful sherry, honeyed notes

Finish: medium

Bruichladdich Octomore 5yr 63.5% abv
Most heavily peated malt out there @ 131 ppm

Nose: Peat

Palate: Peat


Need I say more.

Lagavulin 1976 30yr 52.6%

Nose: Bold, smokey, tropical fruits

Palate: Big, fruity, spicy, citrus

Finish: Long, almonds, peaty, smoky, salty.

Beer Tasting Notes

Some really great ons here with a surprise or two.

Another great evening! Having so many new malts to choose from I had a hard time deciding on what would be the top 6 for the tasting. So I thought it best to group them into 6 groups using age, abv, location, and rating to determine a starting point. We then, as a group, picked one from each. However we could not resist two great ones from group 6. Click here for the grouping list

I will also be adding the ratings shortly using the “5 Star” system. Let’s see how it works.

A great shot of the 26 new bottles we chose from.

Our tasting group for the evening. Welcome to a new member Marshall (far right). We missed Eric & Matt. Sure wish those of you from around the world could have been here as well. Sorry for cutting you off there Tom.

Single Malt Tasting Notes

Dog Fish Head “Mida Touch” 9% abv (Delaware) Brewed w/ barley, honey, white muscat grapes ans saffron

Nose: Honeyed, malty, saffron

Palate: Fruity, honey, citrus notes

Finish: short, orange rind

Dog Fish Head “Palo Santo Marron” 12% abv(Delaware) Aged in Palo Santo Wood

Nose: Dark roasted malt, good body

Palate: Crisp, molasses, light chocolate

Finish: Short

Bear Republic “Hop Rod Rye” 8% abv (California)

Nose: Fresh hops, floral notes

Palate: Hops, dark malt, rye

Finish: Pleasant, rye notes, yeast

Founders “Breakfast Stout” 8.3% abv (Michigan)
Double Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Stout

Nose:  Malty, molasses, dried fruit

Palate: Coffee, molasses, oat on the tail

Finish: Medium, little bitterness

Long Trail Coffee Stout

Nose: Fresh brewed coffee, chocolate

Palate: Roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate truffle, chewy

Finish: Refreshing, medium

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