5/16/08 Tasting

Macallan 1851 Inspiration 41.3% abv

Nose: Oak, tannins, a little peat

Palate: Honeyed, grassy

Finish: Short

Dalmore 28yr 45% abv




Glen Garioch 21yr 43% abv

Nose: Dried oak with a hint of peat

Palate: Chewy, sweet, clean. Bit of cereal malt, syrupy

Finish: Strong, phenol, a little bitter

Balvenie Portwood 21yr  abv ncf

Nose: Big, bold, honeyed

Palate: Great port hit with full bodied feel

Finish: Honey, peat/smoke hint, long

Glenlivet 21yr  43% abv

Nose: Very complex, smoke, cooked strawberries, fruitcake, toffee, toasted grain, malt

Palate: Superb oakiness, bold, creamy, praline, orange liqueur, dark roast coffee beans

Finish: Complex, long, orangey

Macallan 21yr Fine Oak 43% abv

Nose: Heather, fruit

Palate: Bold, orange rind, dried fruit, smoke

Finish: Oak tannins, spice, medium

Lagavulin 21yr 56.5% abv

Nose: Sweet, peat, sherry

Palate: Peaty, peppery, spice, licorice

Finish: Long, salty, licorice