Welcome “first timers” Tim, Emory, and Chet to the club and hoping they can be regulars. We missed an “almost first timer” Jeff who could not attend. And alas, Tom was absent.

And last but not least the “keeper of the closet key keeper” Deb who had to work.


6/26/09 Tasting

Blair Athol 12yr 43% (Flora & Fauna)

Nose: Light oak, nutty

Palate: Chewy, sherried, late spice

Finish: Short, not complex, but very enjoyable

Dailuaine 16yr 43% abv
Speyside (closed)

Nose: Oak, citrus, bit nutty

Palate: Oak, spice, late smoke

Finish: Medium long & spicey

Oban 18yr 43% abv

Nose: Toffee, oak

Palate: Rich, nutty toffee, malt

Finish: Short, disappointing

Yamazaki 18yr 43%

Nose: Woody, sherried

Palate: Good balance of fruit, malt, little smoke

Finish: Medium long, hint of dark chocolate, fruit

Ardbeg 1998 Almost There nas 54.1%

Nose: Earthy, smoking peat

Palate: Showing maturity, smoother, more sweetness, smoke

Finish: Long,  sweet, peat, spice

Glenfarclas 30yr 43% abv

Nose: Complex mix of fruit and spices

Palate: Deep, rich, warm, smooth with fruit, chocolate

Finish: Long and rewarding with lingering complex notes of fruit and chocolate

Kilchoman 2yr “Anticipation” New Spirit

Nose: Smoke, burning peat, doused fire, wet turf, bit sweet

Palate: Burning alcohol, peat explosion, smoke, leather

Finish: Long & robust, warming spice, earthy

I can’t wait fot the 3yr Single MAlt in September. I just hope I can get a bottle. WOW!

The following were opened at one of our whisky ‘Emergencies” and tasted by some this evening as well. I had to re-taste these as I lost the notes. It’s tough when you have to take one for the team.

Springbank 1997 11yr Madeira Wood 55.1% abv

Nose: Sweet, cooked apricots & peaches, spice

Palate: Fruity, dates & figs, smokey, spicy

Finish: medium long, dry, salty

Balvenie 12yr Signature 43%
This replaces the old standard 10yr

Nose: Malty, dried fruit, vanilla, honey

Palate: Full bodied, with again the vanilla & honey notes, bit of smoke

Finish: Long, spice, oak

Ardbeg “Supernova” nas 58.9%

Nose: Deep earthy peat, smokey coal tar

Palate: Darkest chocolate, briney, spicey

Finish: Long, gristy

Beer List

Some great brews here!

Flying Fish Brewing Co “Imperial Expresso Stout” no abv listed

Nose: Light hop   

Palate: Bold, smooth, malty

Finish: Enjoyable

Southern Tier “Imperial Mokah” 11%
Stout brewed with chocolate and coffee    
New York

Nose: Chocolate burst

Palate: Chocolate explosion, dark, sweet

Finish: Smooth, medium

Note: Perfect dessert beer with cheese cake or vanilla ice cream. Refreshing!

Mikkeller “Beer Geek Breakfast” 7.5%
Oatmeal stout brewed with coffee

Nose: Coffee, light malt

Palate: Chocolate, coffee, balanced

Finish: Medium, slightly sweet, crisp

Long Trail “Double IPA” 8.6%

Nose: Fresh

Palate: Good hop/malt balance

Finish: Crisp

G. Schnieder & Sohn “Adventinus” 8.2%
Wheat Doppel Bock




Rogue Brewery 2008 “Double Dead Guy Ale”

(picture coming soon)

Nose: Sweet hops, malt

Palate: Mild ale, bit of hop

Finish: Medium

A great evening again with 10 members attending (some who need pictures on the site) and tasted 7 whiskies and 6 brews.