Glenmorangie Lasanta 46% abv ncf

Nose: Light sherry, citrus, oak

Palate: Dried fruit, spicy, creamy

Finish: Peppery, long

MaCallan 10yr Fine Oak 40% abv

Nose: Oak, soft, fruity

Palate: Creamy, dried fruit, dry

Finish: Refreshing, warm, medium

Glenmorangie Artisan Cask 46% abv ncf

Nose: Light, sweet, buttery

Palate: Sherry, oak, raisins

Finish: Opens nicely, fruity

Talisker 175th Anniversary

Nose: Fresh oak, citrus

Palate: Creamy, peppery

Finish: Long, spicy

Ledaig 10yr

Nose: Fresh peat

Palate: Sweet peat, thin

Finish: Short

Tomintol "The Gentle Dram with a Peaty Tang"

Nose: Bit of smoke, herbal, earthy

Palate: Peat, clean, fresh

Finish: Long, little peppery

Stone Smoked Porter 5.9% Alc/Vol

Head: Short, dark

Nose: Hop

Palate: Crisp dryness, underlying smoke

Finish: Thin

D. Carnegie & Co Stark Porter 5.5% Alc/Vol

Head: Short, medium dark

Nose: Fresh hops

Palate: Dry, thin

Finish: Short


Nonge O Imperial Stout 9% Alc/Vol

Head: Medium

Nose: Hop

Palate: Chocolate, dark malt

Finish: Light, rich/velvety

Salopian Brewing Entire Butt English Porter 4.8% Alc/Vol Bottle Conditioned






Belhaven Wee Heavy Scottish Ale 6.5% Alc/Vol






De Dolle Brewers Extra Export Stout 9% Alc/Vol  Refermented in the Bottle

Head: Explosive

Nose: Balanced malt & hop

Palate: Tingle, malt, little chocolate

Finish: Thin


Punkin Ale

Head: Average

Nose: Squash, fresh cut pumpkin

Palate: Light pumpkin, smooth

Finish: Short

Beer List for 10/17

What a great time we had and enjoyed all six single malts (along with two others as chasers, along with 7 brews which are listed below.  Only having a dram of whisky, with not much more of each beer to keep (as best we can) our palates from getting too dead, we enjoyed the tastings over a 6 hour period, along with some great finger food.

October 17, 2008 Tasting

Chris, Doug, Kevin, Tom, and Bill at the 10/17/08 Tasting

Single Malt List for 10/17