Another fine time was had by all at this tasting. Great friends, great food, and GREAT drink.

December 19, 2008 Tasting

Tom, Chris, Doug, Deb, and Bill at the 12/19/08 Tasting

Single Malt List for 12/19

Bruichladdich Rocks 46% nas ncf

Nose: Light, fresh fruit

Palate: Vanilla, ripe melon, toasted nuts

Finish: short, refreshing

Talisker 20yr 62%  Limited Edition ncs

Nose: Peat, slight smoke, oak tannins

Palate: Rich, peaty, malty elements, fruit sweetness

Finish: Spicy, warm, lingering, wonderful complexity

Ardmore Quarter Cask 46% nas ncf

Nose: Honey, sweet smoke

Palate: Sweet, orange rind, peat

Finish: some spice, medium

Clynelish 22yr 58.64% Limited Edition ncs

Nose: Sweet, praline, oily, smokey

Palate: Big hit, bitter orange, waxy, smoke, dried fruit

Finish: long, orangey, resinous

Bowmore 1992 16yr Bordeaux Wine Cask 53.5%

Nose: Oak, peat, berries

Palate: Currant, caramel, wine, peat

Finish: long, smoke

Lagavulin 12yr Special Release 2008 56.4%

Nose: Smoke, pungent, complex

Palate:Peat, salt air, smoke, sweet

Finish: smoke, long

Balvenie 17yr Rum Cask 43%

Nose: Rich, sweet, toffee

Palate: Citrus, spice, vanilla, sweet

Finish: moderately long, great dessert whisky

Beer List for 12/19

The “Mystery Malt” was the Talisker 20yr 62%, and we were not disappointed. Truly a 96!

We need some brews to list here everyone, preferably some Christmas Ale. Email me with any you want to add to the list.

De Dolle Brouwers “Stille Nacht” (Belgium) 12%





Het Anker Brewery “Gouden Carolus Noel”             
(Belgium) 10%

Head: Slight

Nose: Sweet, caramel

Palate: Candied hops

Finish: Medium

Sly Fox 2008 Christmas Ale

Head: Flat

Nose: Spice

Palate: Nutmeg, cinnamon, orange peel

Finish: Short

Dogfish Head “World Wide Stout” (Delaware) 7%

Head: Medium, dark

Nose: Sweet

Palate: full, rich, chocolate malt

Finish: medium

Noel Balladin Ale (Italy) 9%

Head: Medium

Nose: Yeast

Palate: Malt, wild yeast, orange, fruity

Finish: Short, dry

Ramstein Winter Wheat (New Jersey)

Head: Bottle conditioned full dark head

Nose: Dark stout

Palate: Roasted wheat, hops

Finish: Smooth, very drinkable